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Sorry I have been busy & out of pocket.....


I just got home yesrterday 10/6, will get caught up on orders on Monday, thank you for your patience!


Giuliani Triggers Continue to be Big Sellers!

Giuliani triggers continue to be strong sellers, they are 100% part for part compatible with OEM triggers as are our Parts Kits.  The sales prices of triggers have recently increased and we are striving to increase stock here in the USA to decrease delivery intervals to you.  Please remember that triggers must be fitted to your gun and fitting instructions are published under the "Downloads/Videos" tab.


We are now doing updates to Type 3 Guns!

Some of the best Perazzi guns made were the older Type 3 guns, however, the type 3 Forend was prone to the wood cracking and Type 3 wood is getting hard to find.  The Type4 Forend is far superior as it allows to tighten the barrel and forend against the receiver.  Our upgrade consists of a new Giuliani Type4 forend, wood and to reprofile the underlug on your barrel.  We do need your gun for this upgrade and turn around times are about 2 weeks.  Since the Forend design change was the primary change from Type3 to Type4, this will extend the life of Type3 guns by many years!


The first several Giuliani double release triggers are sold! 

These triggers have about a 5 pound set and about a 26 ounce release.  I can adjust the release setting to what you want.

I currently have several Double Release triggers in stock.  They are compatible with Perazzi parts and have some engraving.  They are priced from $1,650 for a new double release trigger.


Please do not ship me any guns via USPS.

FedEx and UPS are more timely and have better tracking systems!

I will typically ship back FedEx


A few people have inquired about how to order on this site.  To do so, follow these quick instructions:

1.  Parts are grouped by subassembly.  On the main page banner, highlight "Gun Parts".  If you are looking for a part used in a MX receiver, click on "Receiver" under "MX Parts".  You can also enter text in the search box at top right of the page.

2.  Pull up the parts you want.  Click on "Details", Click on "Add to Cart".  Continue until you have all the parts you need in your cart.

3.  When you have all the needed parts in your cart, click on "Shopping Cart" at the top of the page and select your home state.  Doublecheck the parts in your cart and click "Checkout" to start the payment process.




We have many different options for triggers, different trigger blades, springs, etc.  Please read the "Options Available for Triggers" document under the "Downloads" section to find out what is available to make the best trigger for you!


Please remember to clean and lubricate your guns, a little bit of grease on the hinge trunnions, receiver knuckle and back of the barrel lug goes a long way to make your gun last longer.  Also, when you take your receiver apart to clean it, apply a thin layer of grease to the cocking bar, ejector trip rods, top lever, firing pins and top lever locking piece.


I am now taking orders for custom triggerguards and special order triggers.  On triggerguards and top levers, we can do engraving, gold inlay or both.  Initials or broken clay targets really make a gun stand out.  If you have something in mind, call me and we can get it on order!


Check out my schedule under the "About Us" tab!


Briarcrest Partners, LLC was formed by Don Rackley in early 2016 to help shooters of Perazzi shotguns keep their guns in top shooting condition, while saving shooters money. The design of the Perazzi shotgun is truly an elegant design due to its simple mechanism, ease of parts replacement and lack of tools needed to disassemble and reassemble the gun. With a little know how and knowledge on how to fit and replace parts, the average owner can perform almost all routine work on their gun. This premise is important because as many gunsmiths have aged, they travel less and usually only attend the largest shoots.

At many smaller shoots, there is no one who can work on a gun or provide parts and guidance on how to repair a gun. Those factors make it difficult for the average shooter to get their gun repaired or have some routine maintenance performed.

The parts for sale on this website are not from the original manufacturer, they are provided by Giuliani of Italy.  The names "Perazzi, MX8, TM, SC3 and SCO" are used for identification purposes only and to describe the part to the user only.

The ability for shooters to work on their own guns is predicated on the ability to get parts in a timely manner at a good price. Briarcrest Partners, LLC offers best pricing on Marcello Giuliani’s parts for Perazzi guns, quick shipment from the USA and fitting instructions for many parts.

Marcello Giuliani’s parts are made of the finest materials with precision machining. He has introduced tools and parts improvements to make guns more reliable and cheaper to maintain and repair. The shouldered firing pin lock pin makes it impossible for the firing pin lock pin to work its way to the left, therefore preventing the Stop Plate from coming out of the gun. This may seem like a minor item, but I have seen it happen and when it happens the gun needs to be fixed before shooting resumes. The Locking Block Jig Kit provides the capability for a shooter to replace the Locking Block in their gun without the cost and worry of shipping the gun off to a gunsmith. As a cost benefit, the Locking Block Jig Kit is priced less than what one Locking Block replacement costs from a gunsmith.

Thanks for visiting the website. My goal is to provide parts, information and service that will exceed your expectations.

~Don Rackley